Neon Ragnarok

Episode 9: What is evil

2 days Resplendent Air 12
Looking into The people turning into stone turns into a long treck underground to find a huge manse that took out one of the circle on the approch. As the two remaineng members looked around a few snakes showed up and talked with about the new owner. Shadow Walker controls the mance and she does not want to louse control.
Jane the merchant who sold all her rice before is now trying to form a guild system in Nexus to help run it better. It is beleaved that she is up to something evil as every time a big problem shows up she has an answer right away almost as if she has the answers before the probem arises.
Looking for Shadow Walker the Luners have no idea who she is but the snakes said she was one witht eh moon. Hearing all of there options on who could know about this Luner desied to head to Saijan and talk with Madem Veralious



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