Neon Ragnarok

Episode 8: NOT ME!

8 days Resplendent Air 10
It turns out that some one set up an escrow account to pay for the head of the killer of the council. Every one thought who killed the council was the man who jumped out of the council building glowing like a bonfire and wearing the armor of a monster. Nel held his own and only lost a block of the city in the fights that fallowed. Rumors on the streets has it that he killed the council all but the god of the city who should not be on the council only to “prove” his innocents.
All the food in Nexus rotted in a manor of seconds. Threw a little bit of investigation the circle found that a few of the manses were tampered with turning the lay lines toxic. But thanks to a new comer to the city in the say to make a quick buck sold enough rice to nexus to keep the city up for a week. Hopefuly more food will come.
People are turning to stone in the cinnabar district who is behind this event.



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