Warstrider New Rules

Core Warstrider Rules

Warstriders will now be built in modules, by taking a base set of stats and building upon them with “structure points”, a system derived from many other vehicle combat systems in other RPGs. You begin by purchasing the Warstrider as an Artifact, with a rating between 3 and 5. Each value gives you a Mobility Penalty, amount of Structure Points, Health Levels (which are vehicle based health levels such as found on pg 31 of Wonders of the Lost Age), base Soak values, and Attunement Cost.

All warstriders start with a base speed of 5x the pilots normal movement in yards to the pilots normal movement rates, and hardness equal to half it’s soak. Every warstrider needs a hearthstone equal to it’s artifact rating -1 in order to operate, and sometimes may require an additional hearthstone to power more complicated subsystems. Height and shape are left to the builder of the warstrider as their option, but the chassis does get heavier the more you put into it, and usually dictates to some degree the overall look of the warstrider. Once these are noted, the structure points may be used to purchase subsystems which can alter the warstrider, adding health levels, soak, strength, reducing penalties, adding flight or naval travel abilities, and much more. Please refer to the subsystems section for more info.
Artifact Rating Mobility Penalty Structure Points Strength Soak Health Attunement Cost
●●●○○ “Soldier” -5 5 12 18L/18B Ux7 / Mx4 / Cx3 / Ix1 / D 9
●●●●○ “Noble” -7 10 14 20L/20B Ux8 / Mx5 / Cx4 / Ix1 / D 12
●●●●● “Royal” -9 15 16 22L/22B Ux9 / Mx6 / Cx5 / Ix1 / D 15

Due to their immense size, warstriders have issues attacking small targets, and suffer a -2 to all attacks against targets smaller than 10 ft. Most modern warstriders also use a slotted style helmet to afford the pilot a view of the outside world, severely limiting peripheral vision and hearing for the cost of increased protection, this applies a -4 penalty to all perception + awareness rolls.

To operate a warstrider the pilot requires no special skills, but resistance charms and combat abilities are usually good choices. A pilot must first be attuned to a warstrider to use it, and have the hearthstone inserted. It then takes 5 minutes to strap into a warstrider and power the system up. This can be modified with charms and subsystems.
Maintenance and Repair

A warstrider can stay active without maintenance for up to 10 hours, or Operational Hours; which should be tracked much like health levels. While certain subsystems and actions can extend this duration, after the limit has been reached the warstrider requires one hour of routine maintenance. This maintenance requires at least one technician with lore 5, Occult 4, and Craft (Magitech) 4. Multiple technicians can combine their skills to meet these requirements. Maintenance also requires specialized tools and equipment (Resources 4 or Artifact 2). Any maintenance done while a warstrider is damaged also requires Artifact 3 worth of magical materials to replace broken or worn parts. This could be lubricants, gears, plating, or all manner of parts in the warstrider, all of which are not easily obtained outside a major city or large garrison.

Each hour of combat, fast movement, or heavy lifting counts as 2 hours of operation, and if a “Soldier” class warstrider fires an essence cannon without a dedicated hearthstone this adds 1 hour of operation each time it is fired. The magic of a warstrider will permit it to continue functioning indefinitely while the pilot remains attuned and on board. Once the pilot exits, however, the effects of any missed maintenance kick in. For each 10 hours past the normal limit, the warstrider suffers one of the following disabilities (or another problem, at Storyteller discretion):

Reduce the warstrider’s soak by 2L/2B and it’s hardness by one. Reduce the warstrider’s speed by 10% Add two to the difficulty to hit targets less than 10 ft tall Temporarily deactivate a subsystem. Impose an internal one-die penalty to all physical actions performed while piloting the warstrider.

To repair a warstrider once it has passed it’s normal limit, the technician must spend twice the total hours the warstrider has been in operation, and then repair each penalty individually. Each seperate repair requires one hour of repair time and an Int + Craft (Magitech) roll at a difficulty of 3, and may require additional resources, time, or manpower at Storyteller discretion.

Warstriders have Subsystems AI and Weapon Systems

Warstrider New Rules

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