Neon Ragnarok

Epsode 10: End of the east

2 days Resplendent Air
The circle headed toward the manses that Osieres says was trying to change threw some talking found out that lokshy was holding up as if a seage was happing. Jane then started to lower the dame trying to flood Nexius.

Episode 9: What is evil

2 days Resplendent Air 12
Looking into The people turning into stone turns into a long treck underground to find a huge manse that took out one of the circle on the approch. As the two remaineng members looked around a few snakes showed up and talked with about the new owner. Shadow Walker controls the mance and she does not want to louse control.
Jane the merchant who sold all her rice before is now trying to form a guild system in Nexus to help run it better. It is beleaved that she is up to something evil as every time a big problem shows up she has an answer right away almost as if she has the answers before the probem arises.
Looking for Shadow Walker the Luners have no idea who she is but the snakes said she was one witht eh moon. Hearing all of there options on who could know about this Luner desied to head to Saijan and talk with Madem Veralious

Episode 8: NOT ME!

8 days Resplendent Air 10
It turns out that some one set up an escrow account to pay for the head of the killer of the council. Every one thought who killed the council was the man who jumped out of the council building glowing like a bonfire and wearing the armor of a monster. Nel held his own and only lost a block of the city in the fights that fallowed. Rumors on the streets has it that he killed the council all but the god of the city who should not be on the council only to “prove” his innocents.
All the food in Nexus rotted in a manor of seconds. Threw a little bit of investigation the circle found that a few of the manses were tampered with turning the lay lines toxic. But thanks to a new comer to the city in the say to make a quick buck sold enough rice to nexus to keep the city up for a week. Hopefuly more food will come.
People are turning to stone in the cinnabar district who is behind this event.

Episode 7: There is the fan

Two days Resplendent Air 2nd
It was quite busy 2 days the merchant from Chia was spotting in town selling some strange drugs and using a strange spike to brain wash others. Ayi was hanging out with an older man and helping him with this bisness. A pack of luners approached Xacalli about helping them take down mask of winters she told them no but as soon as she could fit ti into her schedule she would help them. Nellon and Ayi started a fight with the Emery and Osers Ses who came out as having some strange powers they could not quite track Ses down after the fight the emasery who was released and both opponents ran off. The council was all killed and the council building was taken down. The city is now in riuts as a huge out break of collera hit.

Epsiode 6: Zombie Yeddium

8 days last days of Ascending Air
I was a busy couple of days for the circle they found a new friend and started to peace togeather what there late circle mate was up to. Found a god blooded of Nexius and kept her safe. From fay and a new thret to creation the death knights. A big battle took off at the end where two death knights took on the circle the new friend almost died being poisened and under a stampeding horde of zombie yeddium. and in the end but a luner came out of no whare to save the newest member.

Episode 5: The Time Warp

Late ascending air -3 hours
The circle found the children and found out who is behind all the kidnappings but on there exit of the tume fate was rewritten and they never entered the tume to be gain with. As they were returning children a new circle member was found and her doughtier was a bit unruly and looking for troubles she kept bringing up her daddy was up to something.
The circle found the dead member of there circle and think they know that she was trying to keep this being that thay found safe. Only problem is every one else seems to think that being whould be better off in a different state of being. Apon arrival at the guild HQ in Nexus the circle started to look for why this person is so important.

Episode 4: The dark sphere

Late ascending Air 12 hours
After seeing off two members with a group of Lookshi ambasators. Nel whent off looking for more of his circle. Finding them in a nogation with Osirous Ses who lost his child and is trying to find him. Mean while Fallon is trying to make money and doing a poor job of it. But end up in a one time job that pays quite a bit.
The group that is helping Ses tracks the child to the tomb of darkness a large black sphere that no one has ever came out of in the prosses of making it to the building in the tomb on the way Ses is lost the group makes it into the building find that it is full of traps with one deamon inside a fight brakes out and the groups wins they are still looking for the child.
Fallon takes on her job and it apears that someone is out to get her in the end she ended up dead.

Episode 3: She is Back

Late ascending air 1 month 3 days
The group meets up with a Luner and finds out that not every one is accpting of solers. a little bit of information is found from the jernal but not to much.
On the way a beam of light hit thorns and the scarlet emeruss make a grand anusment.
Looking for answers to questions that have yet to form the group divdes up and head towred Nexus half stop at the gold faction along the way to get there answers but none are had.
in Nexus money is made and a not is give out tell the circle that children of inportent people are diapering.

Episode 2: A full circle arrives

Late Descending Fire: days 2 – 9
The final members of the circle find ten people hanging by there feet and skinned outside the main city. The horror hit the new members as they looking into the city to see everyone in a rage trying to kill each other. The rage lasted until sunset. A call was sent out to the wild hunt to pull back and keep the forces of Memnon from entering the Blessed Isle. Threw some quick talking Nullion was able to keep from being part of the detachment and able to keep out of it so far.
A stranger showed up at the city and was offering to trade information for information. This went well and a new trade rout is in the process of being set up between Chaya and this new city called the Crystal Tower of Bless. Witch is located in the far east.
The Circle headed straight to Desdnaor to fink Kyan who the Tinker was working for after some hostel talk the Circle tried to kill Kyan but she swapped places with her general a fight ensued and the circle left mostly unharmed but feeling lucky the were able to leave. A book was left by Kyan one of the circle pick it up and started to read it.

Episode 1: A time for Heroes

Late Descending Fire: Day 1
Fallon and Drifting Justice find them self being drawn to the city of Larjyn for different reasons. They meet up in side the non-Chayan inn where the Solar circle starts to form. Urges to talk and form a group start. Soon after Mal showed up with a small army witch was denied entrance into the city. Mal also joins the forming circle in the inn.
After time to talk the easy going city is started, a scream. Two of the citizens were taken by a daemon into the ruins.
Investigation brings that the citizens were taken to a Genesis lab where the Tinkerer was experimenting on them. There was some talk and the Tinkerer let every one go then left his own way.
At dawn the tinkerer was in the middle of the city yelling about the gift he brought everyone. A brass box covered in carvings. After some time the Box opens and every mortal starts too try and kill all thous living around them. In the mass confusion and valance one of the villagers exalts the Tinkerer was beaten to death by Mel. Larjyn is in the middle of killing themselves as the hearos take everything that is close to a weapon out of there hands and throws it out of the way.


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