Jernal of the travaler

Leather Bound Book with no tital visaable this books seems both old and new at the same time


Chapter One my Journey to Malfaice

Power always comes with a price I have bought a lot of power in my life. The question is how do you have to pay. There a huge regrets that i have made I have bought power with the lives of others I have also bought power with peaces of my dignaty and making compermises i later regrete. some of thou were so great i started to read the lome of fate to find if the price of power is worth it.
I forgot that rule when i read the lome of fate on this last endever of my to become stronge enough to do what needs to be done the lome did not tell me anything. Everything was possable at that point. What it ment was there was only one way to go and that meant nothing was happing hear.
The book that I have yet to wright was down at a feet one day. I do not dare even think its name any more. trying to keep myself from doing what is going to happen. the lome had to information on the book as it does not yet exist and is from other places.
At first i was stong and the book was mine with it i was able to contal everything that was needed. with it was turned the very tide to keep people safe and hold back evil. but slowly it found weakness in me and it worked at cracking me. my weakness was opeing letting more of the book in. i could feel parts of myself leaving.
It was years later when i relized that i was now the books it was calling the shots. It took my power and was using me to reach goals that i did not like. I destyed the book that still has not been writen. I locked my self away in my temple my safe place. Where I know I should have been able to repair my mind and soul, but the Dragon had other planes.
He sent one of his strongist subgest to get me. in my curent state there was nothing that i could do. the fight was short and the most one sided fight i have ever been in. At least with me on the loosing side. I know the Dragon has planes too much has fallen in place so far, my planes are still in motion we do stand a chance but all must work togeather.

Chapter Two The Cage of Souls

Normaly it take 5 days to get to Malfice it might have taken that long to drag my unconsises body threw the desert. I am guessing that is what happened as when I awoke in the five foot round cage. I started to pull sand out of all the places it likes to hide. The Cage that i was put in is made of soulsteel i can feel it pulling my essence out to keep me week and the moaning of the bars keeps it hard to sleep. The worst part of it all it is only five foot round and five foot high there is no way to strech out. Something close to days must have moved by but all I have to tell is the Dragon will bring me a cup of water and bowl of rice every so often. As my eyes start to pearce the darkness beyong the bars. I take note of my seroundings. there is some sort of high end genasis crafting planes scrached all over the walls. but this is not using anything I could even amage to make. My body is startign to give up on my i have never been this week before in my life. the cloths that i was draged in with have fallen apart but would not fit anyway. i hear the cage counting my bones. the concest hunger and turst are taking there tole. i do not even know why i am hear. I can’t beleave the Dragon wants me to become its prestes. I have not eaten today as i need to craft a prayer to it before it would give me any food. I will die first. Why will i not die i know i sould be dead i found a new way of keeping track of time. i broke my arm the third day the Dragon told me he needed a prayer before i was to get food or water. My arm is now healedstill not food or water the hunger just keeps comming.

Chapter Three Cages in side of Cages

It does not take much to make a prayer. i must be slipping. i think a year more more has passed not sure thou. i can notlong stumach human food the rice will not stay down the water has yet to reach my throught. Every day is the same. The Dragon comes in and tells me a prayer for some food. i then tell the Dragon i wish he could die so i could kill him then some meat is droped into the cage i eat greedly then fall into trace of non sleep tell the next day. The Dragon took me out of the soulsteel cage my legs will no longer hold my weight i now just lay on the floor. i miss the moaning of the bars this stone circle of light is all that i have now. I tryed to run the Dragon just laphed. i made it now where i am still in a cercle of light on the stone. my body is healing faster then it use to. this meat seems to be part of it. the portions have incressed.

Chapter Seven The Mind and Body

The Dragon is in my head he makes sence now. Everything in creation is wrong it must be righted there are lies everyware we must put a stop to this. I knew that there was something up with that meat that i was eating it is deamon meat i have been eating the Dragons son. I now must cut off parts my self. I know I am lousing it as I am enjoying hearing the fat blob pleade and cry as I aproch with a knife. It is almost orgasmic to hear his screems as I Find the tender parts and cut them off. With my body back to whole once again I know more changes are comming. I killed today it has been a long time sence i have killed something it was just a blood ape but the rush that came with that everything is comming back and yet it feels like i still have some healing to do. This power is amzing i can tuch the Dragons mind or is he tuching my mind. It does not matter he is all that matters now everything i am is thanks to him i must prase him.

Chapter Thirteen Wedding Bells

The Dragon told me that we will marry during calabration. Joy sould fill one with a thought like this right? But dred is the same thing i beleave. The son of the Dragon died today i not need to get my enjoyment from something else. I need to keep my identay a secret for a bit longer the other must know know for heaven is always looking for a way to stop us. we have agants out there doing work that needs to be done almost there i can tast my revenge on creation for forsaking me hear.
It is joy that i am feeling i just told me self so. The Dragon has a doughter perhaps i can take her with me when i leave this place and venture into hell. I wonder if her screems will be just as enjoyable.


there are arrows drawn all ovet the pages with some pointing in every direction in the margerns

Jernal of the travaler

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