Neon Ragnarok

Episode 7: There is the fan

Two days Resplendent Air 2nd
It was quite busy 2 days the merchant from Chia was spotting in town selling some strange drugs and using a strange spike to brain wash others. Ayi was hanging out with an older man and helping him with this bisness. A pack of luners approached Xacalli about helping them take down mask of winters she told them no but as soon as she could fit ti into her schedule she would help them. Nellon and Ayi started a fight with the Emery and Osers Ses who came out as having some strange powers they could not quite track Ses down after the fight the emasery who was released and both opponents ran off. The council was all killed and the council building was taken down. The city is now in riuts as a huge out break of collera hit.



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