Neon Ragnarok

Episode 4: The dark sphere

Late ascending Air 12 hours
After seeing off two members with a group of Lookshi ambasators. Nel whent off looking for more of his circle. Finding them in a nogation with Osirous Ses who lost his child and is trying to find him. Mean while Fallon is trying to make money and doing a poor job of it. But end up in a one time job that pays quite a bit.
The group that is helping Ses tracks the child to the tomb of darkness a large black sphere that no one has ever came out of in the prosses of making it to the building in the tomb on the way Ses is lost the group makes it into the building find that it is full of traps with one deamon inside a fight brakes out and the groups wins they are still looking for the child.
Fallon takes on her job and it apears that someone is out to get her in the end she ended up dead.



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