Neon Ragnarok

Episode 2: A full circle arrives

Late Descending Fire: days 2 – 9
The final members of the circle find ten people hanging by there feet and skinned outside the main city. The horror hit the new members as they looking into the city to see everyone in a rage trying to kill each other. The rage lasted until sunset. A call was sent out to the wild hunt to pull back and keep the forces of Memnon from entering the Blessed Isle. Threw some quick talking Nullion was able to keep from being part of the detachment and able to keep out of it so far.
A stranger showed up at the city and was offering to trade information for information. This went well and a new trade rout is in the process of being set up between Chaya and this new city called the Crystal Tower of Bless. Witch is located in the far east.
The Circle headed straight to Desdnaor to fink Kyan who the Tinker was working for after some hostel talk the Circle tried to kill Kyan but she swapped places with her general a fight ensued and the circle left mostly unharmed but feeling lucky the were able to leave. A book was left by Kyan one of the circle pick it up and started to read it.



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