Neon Ragnarok

Episode 1: A time for Heroes

Late Descending Fire: Day 1
Fallon and Drifting Justice find them self being drawn to the city of Larjyn for different reasons. They meet up in side the non-Chayan inn where the Solar circle starts to form. Urges to talk and form a group start. Soon after Mal showed up with a small army witch was denied entrance into the city. Mal also joins the forming circle in the inn.
After time to talk the easy going city is started, a scream. Two of the citizens were taken by a daemon into the ruins.
Investigation brings that the citizens were taken to a Genesis lab where the Tinkerer was experimenting on them. There was some talk and the Tinkerer let every one go then left his own way.
At dawn the tinkerer was in the middle of the city yelling about the gift he brought everyone. A brass box covered in carvings. After some time the Box opens and every mortal starts too try and kill all thous living around them. In the mass confusion and valance one of the villagers exalts the Tinkerer was beaten to death by Mel. Larjyn is in the middle of killing themselves as the hearos take everything that is close to a weapon out of there hands and throws it out of the way.



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